Saturday, 31 December 2011

I've got all the British Infantry regiments finished (14 battalions) 13 regiments, Orkney's Scots being the only British regiment with 2 battalions at Blenheim.
I'm going to start with the 1st Foot Guards who were part of Fergusson's Brigade (5 Btns) and the 3rd Line of Lord Cutts assault column on Blenheim village.
Raised in 1660 and with the battle honours - Tangier, Sedgemoor, Steenkirk, Neer Landen, Namur and Schellenberg.

Uniform info :- Scarlet Red coat, Blue facings, Gold braid on buttonhole's and hat lace, white stockings with the rank & file wearing gaiter's over the top of them. Crimson sashes for the officer's. Grenadiers wore the tall mitre instead of the tricorn hat.
Flag info. :- The two main flag's carried during the period were the colonel's colour and the regimenal colour.

In the case of the Colonel's colour a Scarlet Red field with a Gold crown in it's centre.
In the case of the Regimental colour the Scarlet Red cross of St.George on a White field with again a Gold crown in the centre and underneath is the initals AR for Queen Anne.
Hi Folks, as you can see my name is Ray King, I'm 53yrs old and have been wargaming in one form or another as far back as I can remember. I started my Marlburian collection in 2009 using 28mm Front Rank miniatures. I am also a member of the League of Augsburg forum under the name of Churchill. I use Barry Hilton's rules "Beneath the Lily Banners" 2nd edition.
I have started this blog to help people interested in the period, the uniform's and flag's mainly for the British regiments present on the left wing at the Battle of Blenheim 13th August 1704.